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Do you want to know if your website needs a GDPR cookie banner?

You currently have a cookie banner, but you are not sure that it respects the new European policy? Do you think your site does not need this warning?
Cookie Secure offers you a free audit, to verify that you are not exposed. To realize this study, we need only the address of your website and naturally, of your email to answer you.*
* This information will not be stored in a database or used for purposes other than your data protection awareness.

Many sites are currently outside the current EU legislation with their current cookie banner

The GDPR applies to all sites that process personal data (and cookies) of European citizens. So why such a delay?

The reasons are numerous:
- Incomprehension of the GDPR law
Even if the European General Data Protection Regulation law makes a lot of talk about it via the big economic players of the web and via the economic sanctions announced by the authorities of control, the great majority of the Internet sites are not able to be accompanied in this technical and legal transformation.
- Choice of the company to ignore this new European standard
Some webmasters do not hesitate to ignore the law completely, consequently exposing themselves to considerable fines ... but also to criminal sanctions.
But one must not forget that they also convey a message to their users with a EU cookie banner about their respect for the data entrusted to them.
- Technical issues
The rules are not easy to implement, it requires both technical knowledge (or a developer available), a good knowledge of the use of cookies on the platform ... And of course, a knowledge of the European General Data Protection Regulation law (GDPR). Therefore, it is not so obvious to find the best solution the first time: The law is recent, many bad habits and obsolete development scripts complicate the task of the neophyte.
- Disproportionate installation cost
Not easy for a small business, an association, a blog or a personal website, to find a budget to involve an expert ...

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