Speed in the heart of the project

A quick set up

CookieSecure offers its cloud service scripts for any website. Some lines of JavaScript code generated in your interface are enough to incorporate your own cookie consent and declaration banner into your website.

Speed is a key factor

What's more enjoyable for a user than navigating a fluid and responsive site?
CookieSecure ensures that your site will not be slowed by the use of its services, in order to better capture your visitors by offering them unparalleled comfort of use from their PC, tablet or mobile.
But beyond the satisfaction of your visitors, avoiding slowdowns on one's site is today an SEO issue. The search engines don't hide it, the loading time is an important criterion of natural referencing.

Optimized load times

CookieSecure operates from our various platforms and therefore adapts perfectly to your needs.

The service leverages all of the cloud's broad capabilities to ensure high availability, including maximum redundancy, load balancing, automatic capacity adjustment, continuous data backup and geo-replication, as well as a traffic manager for automatic geographic failover in the event of a data center failure.

CookieSecure uses a CDN (Content Delivery Network), consisting of 19 points of presence to redistribute locally its service throughout Europe. Thus, your visitors will have access as close as possible to their home, for a better execution speed.

The JS scripts and their HTML / CSS insert used by our services are all 'asynchronous'. They are considered in the loading of your page like non-critical code: it is the guarantee that they do not slow down your visitors, since they execute after their display. You will not have to fear the blank page because of your EU cookie banner!

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Compatible all browsers

+ The different displays

Compliance with standards

+ Web standards

'Do Not track' respect

+ The DNT header