What else after my cookie banner?

We offer many additional services to comply with the GDPR law

Setting up a cookie validation GDPR banner and a page dedicated to your Cookie Policy (with the possibility for your users to manage them) is a first step.
One of the most important steps actually, since it is directly visible to your visitors at first glance. But your compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation does not stop there: You must continue your efforts. Fortunately, CookieSecure assists you and offers Expert services that complement its cookie banner services. Depending on the size of your company or the type of services you offer to your clients, Expert Services aims to bring you fully in line with the GDPR law, which the setting up of a banner can not guarantee 100%.

With our Expert services, you will have at your disposal a dedicated Data Protection officer (DPO) who will ensure that you manage your project from A to Z.
The Data Protection Officers are formally appointed by the data controllers to the supervisory authorities (the CNIL in France), either compulsorily or voluntarily.

Their missions are multiple:
- Inform you and advise you on the different obligations
This necessarily involves raising awareness of your staff in connection with the processing of data.
- Audit and control
The management of the implementation of your GDPR will lead to a final audit to certify your compliance.
- The drafting of official documents
Our expert will map your processes to establish a register, an impact analysis and a transfer framework. Your company will then have all the elements at its disposal in case of control.
Your documentation may then show that you comply with the obligations provided for in the European Regulation.

To segment your compliance, we offer three plans that can be used at your own pace:

Data Processing plan

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires companies to develop tools that can enable them to centralize and process requests for data modification and / or deletion that may be requested by a customer or a visitor to their website. CookieSecure offers its customers the implementation of a dedicated web platform for the secure processing of their users' personal data.

This solution allows people to easily exercise their rights!
The people whose data you process (customers, collaborators, service providers, etc.) have rights to their data, which are also reinforced by the GDPR: right of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, portability and limitation of treatment.

You must give them the means to exercise their rights and this internal process to ensure the identification and processing of applications must be done in a very short time (1 month maximum).

Cookie Secure offers you this service in order to be responsive and complete.
Dealing with consumers' requests for their personal data means:
- Strengthen the trust that secures the customer relationship;
- Protect you from criticism on social networks, or complaints to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) or equivalent bodies in EU member states.
French Data Protection Authority (CNIL)

User data technical audit plan

The technical audit service of Cookie Secure includes verification of the current practices of the company concerning the preservation of the personal data of its users, the verification of the relevance of the collected data and the implementation of good practices (shelf life data, type of data retained) in accordance with the recommendations of the French CNIL and the GDPR law.

It is important to check a certain number of points:
- The relevance of data
Be sure to only collect the data that is really needed for your purposes. - Keep control of the stored information
The sharing and circulation of personal data must be supervised and contracted to protect them at all times.
- Know how to identify risks
One can not process data, sometimes sensitive, without thinking about the particular consequences for people, and the specific measures that may apply.
- Data security
To satisfy the data security obligation it deals with, any organization must determine whether the measures it has chosen are proportionate to the risks to rights and freedoms.

Naturally, detailed reports will be delivered following our audits to advise you and guide you in your corrections.

Dedicated Lawyer plan

The right to the protection of personal data and privacy has changed profoundly, due to the overlapping of numerous legislative and regulatory measures and the rise of information technologies.
Thanks to their network of lawyers, CookieSecure is able to offer their customers a legal proofreading of their legal texts, in particular of their Terms of Use, their Terms of sale and their Cookies Policy.

Our experts can provide you with a global and exhaustive overview of the laws and regulations applicable in France and in Europe. We have privileged law firms that regularly participate in data protection events or the entry into force of the GDPR, in addition to their many publications.

In order to discover CookieSecure services in more detail, choose a service.