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CookieSecure offers three main cookie consent banner plans that meet the needs of your company or your website depending on your traffic, the type of services you offer (portfolio, blog, e-commerce websites ...) or if you need a same service for a park of several websites. All services include a high-end cookie banner generator which creates an easy to implement cookie consent code:

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Starter plan

The CookieSecure Starter plan is suitable for a website with few pages (less than 50 pages) and a small amount of traffic (less than 10,000 pages viewed per month). This offer corresponds to the needs of a showcase site for a small business or an SME, for example the website of a start-up or a communication consulting agency.

Pro plan

The CookieSecure Pro plan is for a website with more pages (between 30 and 50 pages) and more traffic (between 10,000 and 100,000 page views per month). This offer also gives you the option to hide the CookieSecure logo from your cookie banner.

Partner plan

The CookieSecure Partner plan is primarily intended for webmasters and service providers who manage multiple websites on behalf of their customers. This offer allows you to manage all the websites for which you are responsible via the same administration interface. The Partner plan also gives you increased visibility and an additional commercial guarantee with your customers. By joining the CookieSecure Certified Partner community, you can join our partner gallery and add the CookieSecure Certified Partner icon on your website.

Free for all 3 plans!
The beneficiaries of our three Starter, Pro and Partner plans benefit from the free installation option, full customization and free cookies banner templates, secure access to their CookieSecure account, reactivity and availability of the CookieSecure team when you contact us.

CookieSecure's Expert plans

CookieSecure also offers three Expert plans, for companies who want a more comprehensive and personalized support, allowing them to have a clearer vision and tailor-made solutions following the implementation of EU legislation of 25 May 2018 on compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Processing Expert plan

The GDPR law requires companies to be able to provide the methods used internally to ensure that the processing of data concerning their customers meets their right of access and rectification. The CookieSecure Data Processing Expert plan gives you access to a secure interface dedicated to the company, in white label (logo and colors of the visual identity of your company).

The CookieSecure service includes:
- The connection between the users database of your website and the user rights management interface, via a dedicated secure cloud server
- Verification of the identity of people who request access / rectification of their data
- The compilation of the requests and their realization (or if you do not provide the accesses, to transfer them to your competent department internally)
- Tools that allow you to return to your requesting users information about their data that has been corrected, completed, updated or deleted.*
To learn more about the data processing, you can consult this article of the CNIL (French National Commission for computing and liberties) by clicking here .

* Article 32 of the French Data Protection Act commits the service provider to provide in all cases a response to the applicant, whether positive or negative, within the response time required by law

User data technical audit plan

The CookieSecure User data technical audit plan consists in carrying out a complete audit of the user data that you are currently storing in the database, by addressing the following points:
- Creating a purpose file
- Verification of the relevance of the data
- Limit of current data storage
- Data security and confidentiality audit
To find out more about the CNIL's recommendations concerning the necessary actions to undertake for the protection of personal data, you can consult their article by clicking here .

At the end of this audit, a GDPR CookieSecure conformity certificate is issued to you to attest to the actions you have undertaken concerning the EU cookie law.

Dedicated lawyer plan

Cookie secure has a network of lawyers specialized in computer and freedom law. When you subscribe to this offer, we put you in touch with the CookieSecure partner law firm most suited to your business issues. The law firm will then be able to study your legal texts (legal notice, general conditions of use) to ensure that your activity is in conformity with the GDPR law and if necessary to suggest the necessary modifications.