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Discover Cookie Secure, a simple solution for your GDPR.

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Why choose our cookie banner?

Free installation of your banner

Create your cookie banner in just a few clicks and get a quick installation guide. If you're not a developer, our technical team will do it for you.

Simple and fast customization

Customize your banner in less than 10 minutes, and preview your changes so that it fits perfectly with the graphic charter of your site.

No hidden or variable fees

Control your budget with unbeatable rates, dedicated to small businesses! No matter your user traffic or the evolution of your site, you will not have any unpleasant surprises.

Accompaniment in drafting legal texts

If you are not familiar with GDPR, simply answer our questionnaire to adapt your cookie policies automatically (free option). See more arguments?


Your cookie banners will be available in all languages.

+ Our translation options


Our guided procedures are accessible even to neophytes, and a developer can take care of its installation.+ Our assistance service

Geographical targeting

Adapt your banner to your visitors. Why bother them if they are not subject to regulation?+ Geolocation for your GDPR banner


As a contract of trust, we offer the secure version of our services.
+ Our encryption protocols

Compatible all browsers

You need a tool that everyone can understand, no matter what their software or platforms.+ The different displays

Compliance with standards

To better integrate, our code respects recognized quality conventions.

+ Web standards

'Do Not track' respect

Take into account the wishes of some of your visitors who clearly indicate their choice.

+ The DNT header

Fast & reliable

Just like its installation, its execution is fast.By loading after your page, the banner will not slow down your website.+ Optimization for speed

The 3 most frequently asked questions about the GDPR

Cookie Secure offers to support you in your GDPR compliance process. Make a quick point by asking yourself the right questions.

Is my site ready for the GDPR law?

If your site already has a cookie banner, check its validity with our free online audit.
We support you in setting up!

I am not a developer, how?

Do not stay stuck for so little and be quick to apply the law.
We install you our solution for free!

After my cookies banner, what is the next step?

It's a good start, but GDPR compliance does not stop there.
We offer dedicated services to go further!
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They trust us

They are more than 20,000 to trust us in their GDPR policy. Why not you ?
Agence partner "Thanks to the partner solution and the white label option, we work together with the Cookie Secure technical team to install our cookie banners. This is less work for us and an assurance of having a RGPD compliant cookies management for our customers."
Avocat partner "No one is supposed to ignore the law ... Not easy to comply with the GDPR.
Our corporate legal consulting firm and Cookie Secure work together to help your projects get into the legal framework."
Web developper "The guide provided in the interface is personalized to your site and very didactic.
For platforms that do not manage many cookies, just a few copy-paste html to achieve the desired result. Thanks Cs ;)"
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